McDonald's agrees to pay tens of thousands of workers millions in holiday pay

Unite Union has announced that agreement has been reached with fast food giant McDonald's that will see tens of thousands of current and former staff receiving payment for miscalculated holiday pay....

DHBs owe $650m for Holidays Act errors

By RNZ, October 8 More than 100,000 health workers are owed about half a billion dollars for payroll breaches, but they may have to wait up to two years to get paid....

$38 million owed at NZ Post

By Mike Treen, National Director, Unite Union (Reprinted from The Daily Blog) NZ Post has made a provision for $38 million in its 2019 accounts for remediation of Holidays Act payments owing...

22,000 NZ Post workers owed $38m in unpaid holiday pay

(Reposted from the November 13, NZ Herald online) NZ Post is setting aside $38 million to pay back as many as 22,000 workers who are owed additional holiday pay.

SkyCity looking to cheat workers on annual leave

SkyCity has been under investigation by MBIE for failing to pay everyone their annual leave properly.

KFC, Pizza Hut and Carl's Jr Unite members advised not to authorise deductions

Restaurant Brands Ltd (RBL), is asking staff to authorise the deduction of so-called overpayments from the annual leave money they owe their current and former staff.

Restaurant brands to pay back annual leave underpayments from May 2012

  Restaurant Brands, covering staff at KFC, Carl's Jr, Pizza Hut and Starbucks, has agreed to pay current and former staff money owed for consistently getting annual leave entitlements wrong for...