KFC, Pizza Hut and Carl's Jr Unite members advised not to authorise deductions

Restaurant Brands Ltd (RBL), is asking staff to authorise the deduction of so-called overpayments from the annual leave money they owe their current and former staff. RBL employ people at KFC, Pizza Hut, and Carl's Jr. They formerly owned Starbucks.

Unite Union is strongly advising our current members and is contacting former members to ask them not to do that.

RBL are only paying back a fraction of what they owe current and former staff. In those circumstances, they have no right to ask you to allow them to deduct what they claim are overpayments.

RBL is only remediating their incorrect leave calculations back to May 2012. Unite wrote to them four years ago and they should have gone back six years from then, to 2009, to remediate the problems. 

Current staff should have already received a letter detailing what is owed and repayments should begin after July 8.

They must legally pay you all of the underpayment. You don't have to sign the letter to get this money.

If you sign the letter and return it to RBL you will be allowing the company to deduct the so-called overpayment. 

Why should you do this when the company has got all their workers to work without breaks in the past without compensation for that.

Unite Union advises all members not to sign an authorisation to deduct for so-called overpayments.

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