SkyCity looking for ways to cheat workers over annual leave

SkyCity has been under investigation by MBIE for failing to pay everyone their annual leave properly.

The company has to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on how they will pay all workers back. This includes staff who have left.
The company is trying to limit its liability to only going back six years. This period is often used as a measure of legal liabilities.
But SEA-Unite wrote to the company over three years ago to alert them to the fact that they were calculating annual leave incorrectly.
We believe the company has a moral and legal obligation to go back at least nine years to calculate their liability for current and former staff.
We also believe that current staff should have their remediation for stolen holiday pay remediated back to when they started work at SkyCity. Wage theft is wage theft and should be returned.  Why should a company be allowed to break the law and get away with it? 
Some big sums of money can be at stake. NZ Post estimates it has a liability of $38 million. The Health Boards think they may owe $650 million.