Donation, please! Donation, please!

Unite Union is organising this campaign for all workers in Aotearoa who may be owed money. All campaigns have significant expenses.

But Unite is a small and relatively poor union. We need help to do this sort of work effectively.

Please make a donation today.

By Direct Credit:
Acount Number: 12-3022-0406830-50
Account Name: Unite Community Union
Details information to include:
Code: Donation
Reference: StopWT

Donations to the campaign are just that and do not represent membership or service fees for assisting you claim backpay. Unite Union only represents its current members We may assist ex-members of Unite who want assistance with an employer we represented you with in the past. We are only offering to provide current information to all other New Zealand workers about the issue in general, give whatever information is available about your employer or ex-employer’s actions with regard to annual leave back payments and to make as easy as possible for you to contact them about it.