Questions To Ask

Questions to ask your employer to find out if you have missed out on what you are owed.

Annual Leave

Questions to find out if the leave request or allocation was done in hours, days or weeks. All allocations should have been converted to weeks or part weeks. If this was not done the leave was calculated incorrectly.

  1. A list of all annual leave requests going back six years and whether the leave requested was for hours, days, or weeks of leave.
  2. The amount of leave taken and if it was recorded as hours, days or weeks.
  3. The balance on the leave account in hours, days or weeks for accrued leave and entitled leave at the time of taking leave.
  4. The balance on the leave accounts for accrued and entitled leave in hours, days or weeks at the time of returning from leave.

Questions to ask to find out if you were paid the correct rate of pay for annual leave. The rate should include all allowances and be the higher of the last 4 weeks or the last year.

  1. The total earnings for the four weeks before taking leave.
  2. The total earnings for the year before taking leave.
  3. Any allowances being paid at the time of the leave being taken.
  4. Were these allowances included in the calculation for the leave taken?
Statutory Holiday Days

Questions to ask to see if the Public Holiday days were paid correctly. If you worked the same day in the majority of weeks for three months (or less if you are a new worker, or returning from unpaid leave) you should be paid for the day if you did not work or got an alternative holiday if you did work.

  1. What statutory holiday days occur in the period of employment?
  2. Did the worker work a majority of the same days in the previous 13 weeks?
  3. Had the worker been employed less than three months or returned from paid or unpaid leave (maternity, ACC etc) and worked a majority of same days in the weeks they did work prior to the public holiday?
  4. Did the worker work on that day? If the answer is yes to question 2 or 3 did they worker get an alternative holiday.
  5. Did the worker not work on that day? If the answer is yes to Question 2 or 3 did they get paid for the day?